Burl's Development

It's been a busy week for my little guy developmentally. This past week he's learned how to wave, point to things, say "Mama", and throw a ball. He's been babbling "dada" for months now, but he's just figured out that "mama" is me and "dada" is Alex.

He's 10 1/2 months now and is quite the walker. He doesn't sit still. Literally. He has full reign of the house, and uses it. Just tonight, he was walking from room to room with the broom, whacking everything in his path. He loves pointing to things, especially pictures around the house. He flings his sweet arm out and expects an answer to whatever he may be pointing to, even if it's just air.

I can't explain the joy I feel when I see him learn something for the first time. The more I think about his future education, the more convinced I am that homeschooling may be the route we take.

Another new development has been screaming. Lots of it. We around the house aren't so fond of this, especially the dogs. I think he's either: A) teething, B) coming down with something, or C) he's getting ready to talk. I hope it's C.

I've started working a little bit and Burl goes with me. A few hours a week, I watch my friend Georgia's sweet boy, Henry. He's a little over a month older than Burl and they play great together. Even though Burl's still big for his age, Henry makes him look little. They're both strong, handsome boys. It's quite fun watching two not-so-little boys play. It's not so easy to get a good picture of these two mobile boys, though.

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Alyssa said...

He is so cute! I think he really looks like you! You're a great "mama".