Earth Hour

One hour without using electricity, it was a wonderful thing for our family.

This last hour we spent by candlelight was regrouping for us. We talked about our home and how comfortable we feel here and how fortunate we are to have this piece of Earth for ourselves. We examined areas we need to improve as a family, like emergency preparedness and food storage. We reflected on our goals and how we plan to accomplish them together. We discussed our garden and how to be more self-sufficient. We reviewed our financial goals and savings plans.

If you weren't able to spend this hour without electricity, I encourage you to! It truly allowed us to catch our breath and reminded us to slow down a little. We thoroughly enjoyed it and plan on spending this time without electricity more often.


leedav said...

We had big plans to play cards by candlelight but turned the light out at 8:30 and went to bed instead!

K said...

What a great post- good for you! I love earth hour and look forward to it every year- simply for inspiring folks who don't usually think about such things to do so.