For My Garden

It was snowy and muddy at the farm today. My friends at the farm - the llamas, horses, cows, sheep, goats, and chicken - graciously allowed me to load up my trunk with their manure. I've already added their treasures to my compost pile.

I'm ridiculously excited about this. All you composters out there understand.

There's just something about returning this goodness to the earth and using it again for new growth. And it makes it even more meaningful to me that I'm able to use the resources of once neglected and abused animals.

*If anyone local in the Seattle area would like some manure from the rescued animals, let me know, it's free and organic. The only requirement may be to come visit them, scratch their bellies or ears, feed them some fruit, or lay down and take a nap with them. Yes, farm animals like to lay down and take naps with people :)


broadcast.poulet said...

aww! so cute!
p.s. am i crazy because i looove the smell of farm poops?

nice blog :)

Verhext said...

your blog is so pretty!