Thorpe Hat

I've slipped into this schedule where I'm staying up way too late at night and knitting after Burl falls asleep. This child of ours, still not a very good sleeper, stays up until midnight or so. That means my mama-time-after-he-falls-asleep lasts until 3 am or there abouts. Zombie knitting doesn't produce the best quality finished products. I made several silly mistakes with this hat, but it's still cute and gets the job done.

The details:
Thorpe pattern, size small. I used two worsted weight yarns, one a vintage thrifted wool, the other a hand-painted wool from Acorn Street. Size 9 needles.
I love the pattern, a popular one floating around blogger land. I first saw it at Yarn Pirate, (thanks for the idea Georgia!). Since casting on, I've seen it on several other sites, like here, and here, and here.
Alex has requested one now. I first need to finish his hat I started, frogged then restarted over week ago. I'm not worried though, I have plenty of zombie-knitting nights ahead of me.

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georgia said...

yes! long live the thorpe hat! i just finished one for myself. it looks so cute on Burl. he's getting so big!!!

heh. we are on the same knitting schedule, although i can usually get H to sleep by 9-ish.