Every Winter

Each year about this time, Alex and I revisit the same conversation. Initiated by me, the conversation of "let's move to California?". I start searching the web for property on the Northern California Coast and brainstorming about how we could move our lives there and what we would do for a living. Buy a Bed and Breakfast? A Cafe perhaps? My daydreams of being back home get pretty intense.

This California girl really misses California winters right about now.

It's also about this time every year that Alex reminds me and I remind myself that I really do love living in Seattle. Come Spring, I'll remember why I love it so much. In about a month or two, when my paper whites start to bloom and it's time to start my seeds indoors, when my daffodils start to poke through the soil and I get started on my garden, that's when I remember why I love living in Seattle so much.

So, mostly for my benefit, here's a reminder of what I love most about living in Seattle:
Having my family near. My home. The ocean within walking distance and seeing it daily. Living at sea level and the security that gives me (I know, it makes no since). The safety I feel in the Puget Sound with all the waterways. The culture and diversity. The various Farmer's Markets. The grocery stores - yes I love the groceries available for my family. Trader Joe's less than a mile from my home. The many thrift stores.

So I keep reminding myself that all this recent snow shall melt soon enough. At least I don't live here.

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Jess to the Lo said...

I am happy that you live here as opposed to Norther Cali! :D