Christmas: Peace for All Creatures

Occasionally I'm needed at the farm to help with sick animals and sometimes that means putting them to sleep. This Christmas Eve it was Roy's time to go. I can't think of a more humbling and meaningful way to spend Christmas Eve than to celebrate the full circle of life: the birth of our Savior and the life of a beloved dog.

I met Roy a few years ago when he was rescued from the shelter and saved from euthanasia. I'm honored I was able to spend Christmas Eve with my family in his presence. And I'm even more grateful to Roy that he helped me teach my son about the true meaning of this season.

I have a belief that life and death, peace and compassion, heaven and earth, Christ, humans and animals, are all intertwined. And it's because of our Savior that we are able to become whole again. So in celebration of the birth of Jesus, I also thank those creatures who have taught me more about peace and compassion.

"Those creatures once scared and alone, welcome to Peace for now you are home"

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