Creating with my Sister

Her, some peacock jewelery from our mom's peacock Mr. P., RIP. You can find her new ETSY shop here, it's not quite open yet. But stay tuned for some beautiful work, she's way more creative then I am. Oh how I adore having her back home near me on this coast.

Me, the beginnings of some I-Cord for a project I'm working on. The yarn is thrifted vintage wool. The needles are, I mean were, some of my favorite DPNs. They have just the right give and slip for small circumferences. I threw them in my tote yesterday to rush off to a craft fair I was selling in, one broke along the way. Blast! No worries though, I just saw the same set at the thrift store down the street for dirt cheep. I'm off to go snag them up before they're gone.

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