Little Embellishments

I love wrapping tiny little packages and making them look pretty. Even more so, I love reusing found objects and giving them a new purpose. I always feel sad seeing tiny little seashells in the thrift stores, the multitude of little lives that were taken out of the sea, just to be discarded.

I was inspired by a package I recently received from the darling Etsy shop, Red or Gray Art. She makes the most lovely, meditative wabi sabi stones, among mobiles and other paper and fabric art.

I found a pretty bracelett at the thrift store, took it apart and reused the stones and shells. On Chinese Rice paper, I printed a simple "thank you", tore the little pieces, used two layers of mod podge, and voila! A simple little embellishment to pretty up any little package. In the last two pictures, I simply wrapped a small bar of soap in thrifted linen, then tied with bakers twine.

Hoping you all have time to make something pretty this weekend!


MrsLittleJeans said...

Isn't that just the best word ever? thank you : )

Emily Heizer Photography said...

That was my absolute most favorite thing about receiving my package from you... the packagING! I loved the brown paper and the twine. So much so I didn't want to open it. It's what MADE the package for me. It makes a difference and it was lovely. I loved it. I still remember it! And silly me saved the darn paper for like a month afterwards until the cat stole it and made a toy of it! lol

nicole said...

I was so enchanted by the sweet, pretty way you packaged my recent order. Not to mention the absolutely divine products the packages contained... Thank you to you for putting so much care in what you do and making your customers feel appreciated and special.

My linen closet is deeply fragrant right now with all the little sample soaps waiting to be used. What you do is special, and I look forward to ordering from you again!