Beach Feet

My little guy is always barefoot. Always. It's been a struggle from the first day of his birth to keep anything on his feet. Last week while walking the beach, he stepped on a sharp rock and had a small cut under his chubby little toe. That night before bed, I put a couple drops of breast milk (it's actually more like colostrum now) on his cut and voila! The next morning it was completely healed. Magic! Having a little boy who touches everything and has cuts and scrapes all over, and having a husband who has hands that obviously show how hard he works to provide for his family, my breast milk is our version of Neosporin in our home. From eye infections to cuts and scrapes, it has benefited all three of us. Here's a great article about the additional benefits of breast milk, aside from nutrition.

I'm thrilled to be approaching the breastfeeding days again. Burl weaned earlier than I had hoped, but has been asking to nurse the past couple weeks. It's strange, in such a good way, to be nursing my 3 1/2 year old again. His latch is off, and he doesn't nurse for very long but he's still able to express what's there. I'm an adamant believer in extended breastfeeding and the many benefits it brings. And in many instances in our home lately, it's been the perfect solution to my toddler begging for any kind of sugary treat. "Mmm, tastes like candy, Mama!" It's the best kind of sugar, and you just wait little boy, it'll get even sweeter after this baby arrives!

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Julie Alvarez said...

I was wondering if breastfeeding while being pregnant can't cause any problems? Just wondering, because I might have heard about this, but it might also be wrong and I just don't know.
Also, are you planning on breastfeed both your kids at the same time?