Etsy Featured Seller

I'm the feature seller on Etsy. You can find my shop here. And my interview here.


Molly said...


Kelly Taylor said...

Hi there!

Just clicked on through to your blog and wanted to congratulate you on being the featured Etsy seller.

More importantly, what a joy to read your story! I wish you lived closer so we might possibly could be friends. And talk, and mix oils together. Oh.....maybe one day.

I was very refreshed and inspired to read your interview and now I guess you will become famous and busier than you might possibly want to be!

Kelly Taylor

lorenabr said...

Love your stuff and your shop.
Lovely interview :)


Pixel said...

Congrats on being the featured Etsy seller!


nicole said...

congratulations again, sweetie. xo

marie bell said...

well, it's about time. [smile]

i can say i knew you when.

somehow i knew you would make it to being "featured": your soaps are luxuriously scented and lather up so well, your perfume oils very lovely and long-lasting.

congratulations, dear friend!

ecoMILF said...

congratulations! hope it brings lots of new people to your beautiful store. xo m.

thula by jessica said...

Congrats on being a featured etsy seller.. your etst shop is so lovely & so are your products

pebbledash said...

Well done Amber, lovely interview, and it's a joy to read a little more about you!
Diana x

Kelly Irene said...

Congratulations! I just found you via the interview. Your candles are already on my wishlist :)r

SaylorMade said...

Found your shop and blog via the Etsy interview. I skim the interviews unless something catches my attention and yours did. Your comments on how you promote your shop are very similar to my personality. I'm happy to read that another shy girl can be successful.

Reading through your blog, I get the impression that you're a very kind and gentle soul and I love to purchase items from people I genuinely like. I have fav'd a few of your items for Christmas gifts.