Perfume Oils

Hello, friends. Just popping in today to let you know I've added perfume oils to my shop. I've been working on this formula for quite a while, and now feel comfortable to have them available in my shop. They are a mixture of essential oil blends and a base carrier oil. The base carrier is a mixture of 8 fruit and vegetable oils, including Rosemary oil, Apricot oil, Jojoba oil, and Avocado oil. It's moisturizing, lightweight and gentle. I combine the base oil in a 50/50 ration with my essential oils blends, making them very fragrant and concentrated*.

The perfume oils are available in small 1 ml sample vials and larger 10.35 ml roll on bottles. They are available in all of my 10 essential oil blends.

*My essential oil blends contain no synthetic fragrances. Only pure herb, flower, plant oils, resins and extracts. They may be irritating to sensitive skin.

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ecoMILF said...

These look amazing .I love your site and am going to check out the shop now. xo m.