Our Peach Tree

When we bought our home nearly 6 years ago, it came with a small peach tree planted in the front yard. I know very little about peach tree maintenance, only that each peach should have it's own 6 inches to grow and stretch. This means plucking the smaller peaches to give room for the healthier ones. I haven't done anything to maintain the health of that little tree, yet it still continues to grow and produce fruit each year. We've been enjoying our peaches fresh off the tree, with a little raw honey drizzled on top. I picked the very last two peaches just this morning, and we enjoyed them for lunch.
Till next year!

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Molly said...

Lucky peaches. We have a zestar apple (and crabapples, which we could harvest and turn into jelly but haven't yet--I love watching the cedar waxwings come in the spring and feast on our tree). Love the idea of orchards... xoxo