Old Windows

I'd love to have a little greenhouse like this or this. I've been collecting old wooden framed windows that I find for free on Craigslist, in the hopes that someday I'll be able to construct some sort of greenhouse. I have about 50 windows so far, and no idea how to transform them into a structure.


Ravenna Gardens has some beautiful sheds, made by John Akers.

There's also a man on Whidbey Island who makes some pretty beautiful sheds out of reclaimed materials. Pretty creative folks, if you ask me.

Happy Monday, friends.


marie bell said...

amber: our greenhouse/wellhouse started out with recycled windows, just like yours you are gathering. now all you need is the building materials for the framework!

good to read a new posting from you!


Till We Meet Again...Mindy said...

have you tried to draw it up? that usually helps me! but I grew up with a dad who measured and drew EVERYTHING so that is what I do now. :) Hopefully you get it up soon! I can't wait to see it!

Candace said...

How stinking cute!! I hope you get to make your greenhouse someday! I kept meaning to ask you what all the windows were for! =)

Leah said...

Glass greenhouses and left over pieces made into functioning pieces of a house are one of my favorite things.

I always forget about craigslist. It's nice people will give things away for free.

Your photography is very beautiful by the way :-)