Welcome Spring!

(My pregnancy progression with Burl)

Well that was a doozy. I'm well into my second trimester and am just now starting to regain some energy as the nausea is passing. I'm feeling much more myself, although rounder and heavier in the middle. I'm still not past the mandatory afternoon nap stage, but I'm A-Ok with that. It gives me time to snuggle Burl just a little bit more each day.

I'm looking forward to January, February and most of March being a far distant memory. My mind and body have never been at greater odds than they have these past few months, with strange food aversions and cravings. Vienna Sausages? Really body? You think you want to eat those? And normal foods that I enjoy eating just did not sit well with me. It was such strange sensations being nauseous constantly for 3 months, and yet still feeling so hungry and ravenous at times. I tried so many remedies, but soldering through it seemed to be the only answer.


During my months of sickness and exhaustion, I had to take a little break from my shop. Everything having to do with my little shop seemed to worsen my symptoms; smells of essential oils, getting headaches while looking at my computer screen, feeling dizzy while looking through a camera. It was a much needed break. But I've missed my little Etsy shop and I'm back now. I've reopened, with most of my inventory in stock. A few products I'm waiting on supplies before I can restock, which will hopefully be in the next couple weeks.


Three years ago today, I was in the middle of a 36 hour labor with my little Spring Chicken. Tonight marks the beginning of Burl's fourth year around the Sun. We are headed to the beach- at his request- for cake, a bon fire and a celebration of his life with friends and family.

Happy Spring to you, my friends!


marie bell said...

happy birthday anniversary to burl and to you and your husband, dear friend.
i have missed you but knew you were taking care of yourself.

[is there an organic answer to the body's request for *vienna sausages*??]

see you soon for more of my most favourite soaps in the world!


Plain and Joyful Living said...

Happy birthday to burl - it seems like just yesterday you were were posting pictures of him toddling around.
I was right with you during my first three months of pregnancy (never like this with my other 6) and I just feel so happy that I can function now.
Thinking of you.

Alicia A. said...

When I was pregnant with N all I craved was a McDonalds double cheeseburger. My mom gave me good advice to just eat the darn things. And pretty soon I felt much better and my normal appetite returned.

I hope Burl (and the rest of you too!) had a wonderful birthday!

Wasabi Honey Bee said...

Love this!!