Eggs Done Naturally

Enough with yesterday's heaviness....On to happier things!

Like dyeing Easter Eggs with natural dyes. This was my first experiment with dyeing anything since my childhood. I had several herbs and vegetables already on hand that can be used for natural dyes; spirulina, black walnut, turmeric, beet powder, red onion skins, and alkanet. The eggs didn't turn out has vibrant or bright as I had hoped; did I add too much vinegar? Not enough? I don't know, but the whole process was so much fun, and something I'll be doing more of. In fact, I have some yarn soaking in some dye right as I type. I'll reveal those results in another post.

For these eggs, I loosely followed Martha's instructions. A simple google search will bring up unlimited links as well.

I'm extending my candle/ lip balm giveaway until Monday. Happy Easter, my friends. It really is a very special time of year that has much meaning to me.

With love ~ Amber

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FuNkY MoMmY said...

Sorry to hear about that awful copycat situation! I love your dyed eggs! They came out beautiful. I am hosting a Waldorf Craft Book giveaway on my blog this week. Be sure to stop by and enter!