Our First Night Apart

I just waved goodbye and signed "I love you" to my sweet boy as he drove away for his first night away from me. We've spent the last 2 years, 4 months, one week and two days (or 861 days) sleeping snuggled together, right next to daddy. But tonight, while Mama Papa E (what he calls my in-laws) were visiting, he wanted to leave with them. I had the spur of the moment idea that Burl go with them and sleep in their bed. That's how I prefer to make anxiety-ridden decisions; quickly, like a band aid, without all the anticipation and planning and buildup and stress.

Burl had no hesitation hugging me, kissing me, leaving me, smiling, waving, and signing "I love you". He was excited! We've had a difficult few weeks together lately. He's been wanting to test his boundaries, stray from me a bit, but still have me close for safety if he needed me. It's been frustrating for both of us trying to communicate and figure out this new stage of life he's entering - still needy, but wanting so badly to be more independent. I think he's also been particularly bored at home with our yard and his toys. He's wanted to go out and do different things and see new places.

I feel like this was (hopefully!) the perfect time for him to spend his first night away from me and Alex. Far enough away from him to establish some independence, yet still with adults that he trusts and feels safe and comfortable with. Plus he's only a few miles away so I can quickly be with him if he needs me. Really, I think it's perfect timing for both of us.

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