I recently acquired these baskets, yarn and wooden spoons at various tag sales. The two smaller baskets are Bolgatanga baskets, handmade in Ghana. I have a larger one and absolutely love it. These smaller ones are in need of a reshaping, but I still count myself fortunate for scoring such treasures.

Do you have any recommendations for reshaping baskets while still preserving the colors?


apples&honey said...

I put my bolga basket in the shower for about a minute and was amazed by how pliable and easy to re-shape it was!
It said you can do that as often as necessary without damaging the basket.
I admit jealousy at your wonderful finds!

nicole said...
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nicole said...

wonderful finds! I have one XL bolga basket which I found secondhand, and I'm always looking for more. if you soak your baskets, you should be able to re-shape them easily, but I'm afraid you might lose a little of their color. sending love, nicole