Another Great Find

My mom and I went to a true estate sale a few weeks back. Most estate sales I've been to are just regular garage sales. But this particular sale was the lifelong collections of an older couple who had passed, truly their entire estate being sold. The husband had been a sailor in the Navy, and had collected antiques from all over the world.

They had a beautiful home filled with beautiful belongings. There were so many things that I wanted, but only came home with this rug. It was shoved in a pile in the corner, and people just kept passing by it without even looking. It's 8 sheepskins sewed and zipped together. It's very clean, fluffy and soft. And guess what I paid for it? $10! That's all they wanted. A great find indeed!

Enjoy your weekend, my friends.

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Bobbinoggin said...

HOLY COWWWW!!!! That's probably one of the best bargains from an estate sale that I've EVER heard of.

Good job!