Pumpkin Seeds

I'm not sure what happened to the post I did last week regarding these seeds. I hope my blog hasn't been hacked. Long story short, I dried and saved some certified organic pumpkin, gourd and squash seeds last fall, and have a lot left over. If you'd like some, leave a comment and I'll send you some. I know a few of you already left a comment, and I remember who you are, just send me your address to ambermek@yahoo.com.
Happy Monday, friends.


Julia said...

lovely! i just found out i'll have an extra plot in my community garden, so i have some more space to fill up. and of course, i'd be happy to send you some other seeds in exchange... thanks amber!


"I have a TON of extra seeds." TON?!?
Awesome!!!! :)

Simple Living said...

Hi, I would be interested in some of all varieties. Thanks
Lisa vandiverhilleman@gmail.com

SaylorMade said...

We will be building our raised bed gardens this year for vegetables next season. Will the seeds keep until next year? Would love some if so.

jeannine (dot) saylor at gmail (dot) com

Blogger had some maintenance or server issues last week and the last 1-2 posts from everyone on blogger were removed and slowly added back on a day later. Some not at all, unfortunately, and it seemed to have deleted all comments from everyone's last post. Not hacked. :-)