My Little Kitchen

It's my least favorite room in my home. Not because of it's small size. No, I rather prefer small and cozy. It's that it's smack dab in the middle of the house, with non-existent natural lighting. And the orange faux-wood counter tops just don't do it for me. Neither do the Home Depot Special vinyl covered cupboards. Or the electric oven. Or the 1981 laminate flooring. Or the fluorescent lighting.

But oh! If I could have a new sink with two little windows above it that open outside! And a wood/ gas cook stove. And this chandelier. And some wood or tile or granite counter tops. It can even be really small, and I'd be a happy camper.

But alas, it's a perfectly functional kitchen. Everything is complete, and working, and tidy. And really, aside from aesthetics, there's no reason to change anything. A fiscal investment of that magnitude wouldn't be a responsible move for us to make in this home, that we really don't plan on staying in forever. So for now, I'll have to just keep dreaming, waiting and planning for when it's time to build our dream home.


mary ellen said...

oh, i hear you on the waiting... we are renting and though we will be here for a long while, it's not forever and it's not even ours! :) good things come to those who wait is what i keep thinkin', eh? ;)

Brooke said...

it is so hard to live with things as they are when you don't like them that way! (what a metaphor for life)

i was imagining a large photograph print over your sink, looking into a large light-filled garden ~ then you could imagine a window, until you get one of your own.

my ideal kitchen would have a door to the outside in it, so the sunlight could stream in, and the dogs and cat could go out, and in the evenings, we could have supper outdoors.

Candace said...

Oh I LOOOVE dreaming about my dream kitchen! And I love your dream kitchen Amber. So cottage-like! Yes!!

Stephanie said...

your dream kitchen sounds so much like my dream kitchen.
but the kitchen i have just has to do for me too. i have lots of natural light, but ours is an eat-in kitchen so it's a little crowded.
some days i just have to remind myself to be thankful and happy to have a kitchen. :)