A Saturday in December

Isn't love really all you need sometimes? It's an old proverb I remember my dad sharing with us as I was a little girl.


Burl has a sticker collection on the car doors. It keeps him occupied and prevents him from running in the streets as I unlock the car doors.


I think this may be our last year buying a freshly cut Christmas tree. I love live trees, but it just feels like it's time to evolve into something else. Something less expensive and more sustainable, you know?

Happy Saturday, friends!


megan/mason said...

When we lived in an apartment with no room for a tree, I started buying a little tabletop rosemary tree and planting it in the garden the next spring. Now, it's a tradition and the smell of rosemary always reminds me of the holidays.

Emily Heizer Photography said...

Old Proverb? I thought it was Beatle's song. lol