Play Clay

Burl and I have been making play dough for a while now. We've experimented with recipes, ingredients and natural additives and have had a delightful time in the process.

When I was at Urban Craft Uprising, I was happy to meet Kari of Mama K's Play Clay. I bought some of her clays and love them. And look how adorable she is! She was recently the featured seller on Etsy, a well-deserved honor. I highly recommend supporting her shop and purchasing her clays.

I also high recommend making your own. It's an easy and fun activity that engages sensory development. I follow a few recipes, but this one is a good starter. Burl and I made a few batches this year for Christmas gifts. I skip the food coloring and instead add dried botanicals for color, like beet powder, golden seal, alkanet and spirulina. I add essential oils for therapeutic affects.
Burl helped color the sticker labels :) and we put them all in 4-ounce size tins. Voila! A simple, earthy, healthy, non-toxic, non-synthetic gift.


Nicole said...

I recently made a batch of lavender-scented dough for a friend's little one. It's so enjoyable to make healthy and beautiful playthings. xo

SaylorMade said...

Lovely colours. Do you have any tips for resources for the natural botanicals for colour? I'm in Canada, so hoping something online, perhaps.

Hanlie said...

thanks for the inspiration, i wanted to make my own play dough for a while now. now i don't have any more excuses! happy new year xox