I'm a little late here, mainly because I just got my film back. Also because I tend to procrastinate. But I wanted to share how we did our pumpkins for Halloween this year. I followed an idea I saw on Crafting A Green World.

This activity was more than just pounding holes in our gourds. Burl exercised his concentration, his gross and fine motor skills, we talked about all sorts of different subjects from spelling, to counting and subtracting seeds and pumpkins, anatomy, nutrition, compost. I'm already really, really enjoying my experiences with homeschooling/ unschooling my sweet boy. And although it's well past Halloween, we still drift off to sleep together with a small candle burning in one of our little pumpkins. So very sweet.

I'll be back in another post to show you what we did with our pumpkin seeds.

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Plain and Joyful Living said...

Oh my, my 2 year old would have loved to do the nails... I think we still have a large pumpkin on the porch....