Around My Neighborhood

Some photos from a late evening stroll last night.

A few things I love about my little neighborhood:

We live at the end of two dead-end streets
We have easy access to the freeway
We have a good grocery store within a mile (but it doesn't have a safe path to walk there)
There's a native growth preserve in front of our home

What are some things you love about your neighborhood?


Molly said...

That second photo is divine... and I love the third because I've always loved the mystery of other people's homes glowing in the night.

My neighborhood: I love that we sometimes see families of deer wandering about, I love that we are within walking distance of the Mississippi River and downtown (complete with holistic / foods store, bookshop, library, post office, theatre, etc.), we have two parks very close (which we haven't used but definitely will!), etc. I don't love that our corner is so busy (for our town) and even more, I don't like how judgey our neighbors can be. Sometimes I daydream about moving into the middle of no where and having a hobby farm, but we'd lose that proximity to downtown, which is kind of sad. xo

Natalie said...

Fun pics!!! I love my neighborhood b/c it's so safe. Its streets are amazingly covered in trees and flowers and bushes of all sorts. The area I live in is very personal and hidden, even though the homes are so large, (not mine):) there are so many tress its like you are in the jungles. My girls and I love love love going on walks everyday in our neighborhood.:)