Some Plans

(My sister, Crystal, and a rescued chicken. Aren't they both so beautiful?!)

I don't have much planned for this week, but I do have several things I'd like to accomplish:

* A lunch date with my recently-converted vegetarian sister at one of my favorite restaurants.
* It's time to make more bread. Does anyone have a good wheat sandwich bread recipe??
* A trip to the library, for myself. I have a few books I'm looking for. Like this. And this.
* I'd really, really like to visit my local spinning guild's monthly meeting Tuesday night.
* We'll be visiting one of our favorite neighborhood farmer's markets.
* And, since it'll be raining this week (again! my poor garden..), I'm certain a trip or two or three to the children's museum will be happening.

Have I mentioned how much I love reading each and every one of your comments? I really do. Wouldn't it be so nice if we could all sit together and chat? Oh how I'd love that!

What are some of your plans for the week?


Molly said...

My week:
- find a prenatal vitamin that doesn't make me fall apart with unwellness
- plan a strawberry picking trip with girlfriends
- beer + brats (neither of which will I be consuming) with good friends in the cities
- a group writing date on Tuesday evening, the first of what I hope will be a long tradition
- finish a quilt I'd started too many years ago

Happy week, friend! I hope it's beautiful. xo

Natalie said...

We have cleaned, done laundry, went to a dentist appt., gone to a park, gone on a walk each day. Visited my sister, gone to the grocery store, twice:) we will be going to the zoo, to the dinosaur museum and a farm:) Having fun with my three little girls:)