Our Week

I have many things I'd like to accomplish this week. A few from my list:

  • Make a new apron with some recently thrifted linen.
  • Restock the pantry with nuts and grains.
  • Make several loaves of wheat bread for storage and freezing.
  • Finish skirting and cleaning the fiber from one sheep.
  • Friday I'm giving a presentation on Animal Welfare to a group of high school students. I'm especially excited about this one.
  • And I'm sure there will be several trips to our local parks and beaches throughout the week.

Alex will be leaving Thursday for a week-long trip to Hawaii. I'm not looking forward to his absence.

What are some of your plans for the week?


FuNkY MoMmY said...

Working on our Airstream renovation, baking zucchini bread, catching up on the laundry and getting clothes ready for my new babe!

Julie Alvarez said...

Lovely plans!
I plan to knit knit knit, tend the garden, build a small raised bed for aromatic herbs, watch a movie or two and a few series as well, cooking in the fireplace, making bread as well, editing tons of pictures, starting a new painting project, and general house keeping chores that I love (also the ones that I don't, lol!).

natalie said...

sounds like some wonderful things to accomplish... i really like what you fill your life with... great experiences, creative projects, beautiful people. thank you for the inspiration :)

we are finishing up the semester, studying for finals, working in the garden when it's clear of rain & celebrating graduations & a wedding with friends :)