A Garden of His Own

We've given Burl an area in the garden all to himself. This is his little space, where he chooses what to grow and is in charge of tending it. I help him of course, because everything's always better when we're together. We carefully planted his favorite foods: sugar snap peas, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkins and strawberries. And every time he finds a worm in the yard I hear him yell, "Oh, Mama!", as he carries it to his garden.

It's his learning garden. I certainly don't expect this little area to produce a great yield. In fact, I've already seen him ride his tricycle through it a dozen times or so. But he has fun watching it, watering it, and pulling the plants up out of it :). My little botanist, how I love watching him grow.

A few links
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Naturalearthfarm said...

That was so sweet of you to give him his own garden. Our children also enjoy helping me too.
Warm wishes, Tonya

Jennifer said...

That is a great idea. How sweet that he is so involved, it looks like he's having lots of fun.

marie said...

as i plant my garden i shall be thinking about burl. just to take things not so seriously and enjoy the dirt and the growing process.

thanks for the reminders that life is good and that it's all about staying in the moment with our loved ones.

warmly ~ marie

FuNkY MoMmY said...

What a fabulous idea!!!


So sweet! :)

Ella said...

this is brilliant. i wish we had more space to let A plant his own (or ride his bike through). i have such memories growing up - we had a huge back yard garden and i did have my own few rows to experiment in. i think i planted flowers mostly. at lunchtime my mom would send us out to the garden with a big bowl or she'd tell us to fold our skirts up and gather peas and whatever else we felt like eating. so good. we're spending the day in our wee garden today. on that note...enjoy yourself some sunshine.

Bobbinoggin said...

this is so precious. and makes me long for the time when we have a place to do something like this. until then. :)