Super Burl

My friend Georgia is awesome. We first met at La Leche League right after our babes were born. Since then, we've become good friends while watching our boys grow. Her boy Henry and Burl are good friends, and I can't express how happy I am Burl has such an amazing friend like Henry to grow up with.

For his birthday, Georgia made Burl a superhero cape. Burl's in love. Not just because of the awesome "B" on it, but especially because of the kitties on it. He's obsessed. With kitties and now his superhero kitty cape.

She used this free tutorial. I think every two year old needs a superhero cape. Thank you Georgia, for making one for my sweet, kitty-loving boy.


mary ellen said...

oh, I am so making one of these for my Elijah! He puts anything and everything on as a cape! this is adorable as is Burl! what a cutie! ~mary


So cute!!! :o)