April 21

A bit of random activities in our days...

I just got my sewing machine back after two weeks of being in the shop and more than a month before that of not working properly. Man I've missed her! The past two days, I've been sewing my little heart out; shorts for Burl, pants for me, some mending for Alex, and several other little projects. And I'm not done yet. She may be do for a tune up already. Not really, but I've definitely been making up for lost times. And she's purring like a kitten.

The weather's been so nice the past few days! Burl and I went to the (crowded) beach today down the street. I've kind of run out of things to do in the yard for now. It's been tempting to plant all my new veggies, but the weather's suppose to cool down and drop below 50 degrees. My tomatoes won't like that. So I've left them in their pots for now to bring inside at night. I think next week will be when I plant them in the ground.

Since we've been spending so much time outdoors lately, Burl couldn't be happier. His eyes on the other hand have been showing signs of irritation. I put some of my breastmilk in them and it helped. I took him to his pediatrician this morning, and he doesn't think it's anything serious. I worry about Burl picking up strang things, since he's exposed to so many different species of animals. I LOVE my pediatrician, because he's supportive of a lot of the decisions Alex and I have made. Not that I need a doctor's approval for our parental decisions. I've learned though that our parenting instincts are definetely against the norm. And having a supportive doctor has been helpful. He thinks it's a good thing to surround Burl with different animals. I couldn't agree more.


Natalie said...

cute cute cute. Miss you guys:)

Tan Family said...

Wonderful blog! Breastmilk will heal the eyes. So great that you have a supportive doctor who will work with you. Beautiful pictures. :)

georgia said...

Dr. S is the best!

i love that little stack of shorties :). next time you go to the beach call me. we'd love to tag along.