Mother's Day

I heard some wise words yesterday from a wise woman, "Mother's Day isn't about me, it's about my mom". And despite being a mother myself now, I couldn't agree more. Mother's Day will always be about my mom. She is who I want to be more like and she instinctively is one of the most Christ-like persons I know.

This is one of my favorite pictures, I have it framed on my wall. My mom in this picture is the epitome of the person I want to be. I love how beautiful, tired, and happy she looks all at once. I love how her children and animals are gravitated towards her and how none of us could get close enough to her. I love the happy, peaceful looks on all of our faces, even our dog Buffy's face.

And as I type this, with my sleeping babe and three dogs in my lap, there's hope yet that I may someday be more like her.


Natalie said...

How sweet you are Amber. I love you. Thanks for being you and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY LATE!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture. You described it well.