Today I sent a few letters to some friends, just because, and it felt really nice.  I don't do it often enough, I'd like to change that.  I think that will be a new and revised goal for me.

My shoulder is kinked today (everyday, really) from having my babe attached all night long.  He's nearly a year, and I wonder when he'll start sleeping without having to nurse all night.  Physically I long for it; I miss sleeping with my arms curled in and the blankets all up to my face.  Yet, I know when the days come where he sleeps without nursing, I'll miss it.  So here I go again, trying to savor these (sometimes difficult) days, despite the kinked shoulder.

Happy Wednesday, Friends.  Thanks for stopping by.


Naturally Carol said...

Good on you for taking the time and effort to do something really special for your friends, despite your kinked shoulder!

Danette said...

Ah... the lost art of letter writing! I'm a great fan of the old fashioned concept and try to do it once in awhile myself. As for the nursing babe, it all goes by so quickly. Enjoy!

Nathan and Megan Miller said...

Hi, I am a longtime reader of your blog but have never commented.Hang in there :)Our babies are just a few weeks apart. Penelope also needs to be attached all night, especially now that she has teeth coming in. I remind myself to enjoy this time together every morning when it seems like a trial ;). I feel your pain (literally) but also know it will be worth it! -meg