My New Vase

When we first moved into our home 8 years ago, there was a clunker piece in the corner of the garden shed that I just assumed was an old car part.  I never looked closely at it until the other day.  After I picked it up (it's heavy, 15 pounds is stamped on it) and looked at it, (turns out it's beautiful), I saw that it's a wonderfully aged copper vessel with a beautiful green patina.  I rubbed it with a lime to remove some of the patina and saw some writing and "1945" etched on the bottom. Alex looked closer and realized it's a WWII artillery shell from a 90mm antiaircraft gun.

Since I'm not a supporter of war, and to soften the history of violence this relic most likely carries, it seemed appropriate to fill it with daisies.


Rich said...

A wise man said, "For things to change, you've got to change." Many would either destroy the shell, recycle the metal or sell it. However, you chose to change the purpose of that creation of man to something that bears a creation of Heavenly Father. That is what the wise man was saying.

Akshay said...
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