A Calm Home

These are a few images from my sister's home. It's always so calm, quiet and comfortable, I miss having a home like that. I was looking through some old pictures, ones I had taken before Burl was born, and I was surprised to see how different my home looked way back then. Everything was so neat and put together. Now, it feels as though it's anything but neat and put together.

I've been making extra efforts to keep my home more tidy, but it's so difficult with a three year old. If you have any tips on keeping a home calm, quiet, tidy and comfortable with children, please share.

Burl, Bodhi and I are headed out to the farm to pick up 4 foster kittens that need to be bottle fed. Enjoy your day, friends.


Anonymous said...

It's easier now that the girls are older- they pick up more after themselves. When they were young I had a storage basket in every room to dump toys with a lid. That really helped with the clutter. Also, I have become the master of the 10 minute tidy- trash, fluff pillows, put up shoes, make beds...a few times a day makes a huge difference. Love these pics Amber.

ELK said...

love this feel here ..hard to do I know ..lots of baskets with tops to put toys in was my trick ..

also ..pick up before bed so it is tidy ONE time in a day :)) xo

Alicia A. said...

We are big supporters of the 20 minute power tidy before bed. No matter how dog tired we are, we (both) take 20 minutes before bed to work together and clean up crap. It always feels so much calmer to wake up to a tidy house.