Henna Belly

Same song, second verse.

My sweet little sister came to spend the day with Burl and I yesterday to do her magic on my belly. It was her first henna painting, didn't she do great? I did my own henna job when I was pregnant with Burl, and it's much, much easier having someone do if for you!

I made my own paste this time using these directions from Zenith Supplies where I purchase a lot of the supplies for my shop. I'd make some changes the next time around, mostly I'd filter the tea through a coffee filter before adding it to the henna to make sure the paste wasn't too clumpy. We had a hard time with clumps coming through the tip of the applicator bottle. It smelled wonderful though with the combination of essential oils, cloves, coffee grounds, black tea and black walnut. Next time I will probably leave out the ground cloves, they irritated my skin.

Happy Friday, friends! Wishing you a lovely weekend.


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

What a beautiful belly...nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman...you look great.

Brooke said...

It looks so great! It'll be fun every time you catch a glimpse of it.

pebbledash said...

Amber, you look beautiful!

Brittan said...

so beautiful! i love henna, it is so wonderful and such a fun project!!!

ELK said...

you . look . beautiful ! What a happy experience for you and your sister

Kirsty said...

wow! what a great tummy, lovely thing to celebrate, awaiting the birth of a new baby!