Happy Thursday, Friends.

All this talk about being poor, going without certain luxuries and wanting more has really got me thinking that I need to appreciate more what I do have. And all the time these past few months I've spent preparing for my Etsy feature, and the hours and hours of work since then has taken a lot of my time away from Burl.

When I was younger, I used to think my life would be complete with a husband. Then I wanted a home to call our own. Then I wanted a baby. Now I want another baby. And more land. When does it stop? There will always be more and more that I long for. I've decided to try to live more in the present and appreciate the full life that I'm living and the blessings beyond measure that I have.

So, my babe and I have been working on several projects together and spending lots of time in our cozy home and outside walking in nature. I'll share some details and pictures soon.

Until then, THANK YOU! for all of your comments and donations to Olympic Animal Sanctuary. Keep them coming. I'm so excited to choose the winner!

Have a lovely day, my friends.


heloisa de mesquita inoue said...

Oi?! Vi sua lojinha e gostei muito dos seus produtos! Só não sei com comprar, pois, moro no Brasil... também gosto da vida simples e de organicos! Mas nem sempre foi assim...No final do ano passado tive uma intoxicação por agrotoxicos e estou com alergia a produtos de limpeza tipo sabão em pó e outros produtos industrializados e a comidas com conservantes e corantes... então, agora sou levada a viver uma vida simples... tenho que fazer minha propria comida e evitar os restaurantes, os lugares fechados etc...

flor-de-vento said...

:) just so lovely!