Propagating Hydrangeas

When I was younger, I saw a poster of a wall of hydrangeas with a vintage bicycle in front and immediately fell in love with the flowers. They also grow all over Mendocino and my love grew even more while I was living there.

By the way, this is my favorite B&B in Mendo.

For the past several years, I've had good luck propagating them. There are several tutorials on the web that I first followed, but now have my own system. I use a homemade organic root hormone. I'm anxiously awaiting honey from my dad's bees, but until then, I've been using Moon Valley Organic Honey. I have the best luck if I leave them in their original pots for a couple seasons to establish their roots before planting them in the ground during Springtime.

This little guy was from three years ago. He's doing pretty well, despite Burl's fascination with picking the flowers.

My 2007 plants did fantastic for the first year. But this past winter, the moss smothered them and most of them didn't make it. I didn't propagate any during 2008, since I had a newborn and was slightly overwhelmed with all that being a new mother brings. I'm hoping this 2009 planting will bring success.

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