An Afternoon Alone

With Alex home from work yesterday, and Burl napping, I found myself with a couple of rare hours to myself. So in the sweltering heat, without air conditioning and stuck in the thick of mid-day Seattle traffic without my little carpool buddy, I made my way down to Weaving Works. I've been researching spinning wheels for an upcoming purchase. I'm so, so very excited about learning to spin, because what I really need is just one more hobby :).

My next stop was the bookstore. Telling myself that I'd stay away from the children's isle, and after browsing the craft section and coming up empty handed, I found myself thumbing through board and picture books. The only things I came home with yesterday were a couple of new Dr. Sears books.

It's ironic, when he's fussy and being difficult, it's so easy to think "Ahhh! I wish I could just get away!" But when I am away from him, I long to be near him and can't wait to get home to squeeze him. Motherhood.


Jess to the Lo said...

I'm the same way, when I'm away from Millikins!

Natalie said...

Isn't that how it always is. I feel the same way. But it makes us appreciate both, getting our own time and being with our sweet kids!!!