A Week of Events

This past week or so has given us several happenings to say good bye to, some to say hello to, some to celebrate and others that make us feel melancholy. First of all, we've had to say good by to our gummy-baby; our boy finally cut his first two teeth. It happened last week, one right after the other. Trying to capture a decent image of them was not an easy task. And while he's been oh-so-gentle on me, he hasn't been so gentle on his teethers, my hairbrush for example. I'm grateful he's more considerate with his mama's skin than he is with a wooden handle, those little teeth are sharp! Poor guy...

For our main event Alex and I celebrated our 5th anniversary this past Saturday. Five wonderful years, boy they've gone by fast. In some ways we miss feeling more youthful but are so proud of what we've accomplished thus far and so excited for what our lifetime ahead together will bring us.

The day after our anniversary was the 6th month mark of Burl's birth. The weekend was spent trying to be lazy, but was instead filled with sleepless nights and grand efforts trying to keep our baby comfortable (you know how it can be having a teething baby who's tummy is getting used to digesting more solids).

We've said good bye to summer and hello to autumn. I'm always excited to welcome in autumn, it's my favorite time of year. Burl and I go for many nature walks throughout our days and even nights. His love for and comfort in the outdoors have grown. He's developed a fondness for falling asleep in my arms while walking outside as I sing to him. These sweet moments feeling the chill in the air and the warmth of his body against me in the safe, coziness of our neighborhood are ones that I'll treasure.


georgia said...

burl is so handsome! just when i think he cannot possibly get more handsome he goes and does it :).

happy 5 yrs. ours is next month. fall weddings are the best.

Oakmoss said...

Aww, thanks Georgia.

Yes fall weddings are the best, I planned it that way, I always dreamed of a fall wedding. Although, we missed fall officially by a couple days, but still...it felt like fall.