Wearing Our Baby

Burl loves to be held. What baby doesn't? Some of the baby gear I've gotten the most use out of have been my baby carriers. He lives in them. In fact, the bigger he gets, the more he loves being in them. Ugg. But we love the closeness and the convenience.

I took him on a 6 mile hike the other day in one of my wraps. It worked out well, but I think as he gets bigger, I'll need another type of carrier for long walks and hikes.

Right now, I use the gypsy mama for extended use, and the hot sling for quick in and out use. Alex is still testing the carriers to see which one he prefers. We still haven't used the stroller, waste of money. Oh well, you live and learn.


georgia said...

i love my baby hawk now that H is such a chunker. did you get him in a back carry in your wrap by yourself? impressive!

Oakmoss said...

Yeah, we use the back carry a lot. I can do it by myself. There are some good tutorials on you tube. Burl likes to use my hair like a mane on a horse :). Baby Hawk, huh? I'll have to look into one.

Natalie said...

I love those wraps. I need one. I have the bjorns and a sling type one, the baby just can't see out and they are confined. I love seeing pictures of your carriers. You are totally skinny too. I am impressed! It reminds me of the days after Ella. I am down to a good weight, but am inspired to get thinner. You are great!