Mariner's Game

We took Burl to his first baseball game last night with my family as a belated Father's Day outing with my dad. I had mixed feelings about taking Burl this soon. I was worried it would be too much stimulation for a four month old. But he did pretty well. The train scared him a few times, the fighter jets overhead scared me, and the drunk Canadians sitting behind us scared us all. It was Canadian Day in Seattle yesterday and the M's played the Blue Jays, so you know what that means? Lots of proud, boisterous Canadians in the bleachers.

We all had a fantastic time with our dad watching the game. And having beer spilled on us made the whole bleacher experience complete. Oh, and the stimulation was a little much, but it did help us have a great night of sleep :)!

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Natalie said...

HOW fun! I am glad you guys are having a blast! The game looked fun!