Our Dogs Love Our Baby!

Can I take a minute to express my gratitude?

When I first became pregnant, an acquaintance of mine said to me, "Well, I guess you'll just have to find new homes for your dogs now". Uh, do you even know me?! In my line of work, I see way too often animals that get shoved aside and dumped when a new baby comes along. My strong opinion is a pet is a lifetime commitment, part of the family.

Alex and I weren't quite sure how things with our animals were going to pan out with the arrival of a baby. I was mostly worried about how Chester was going to take to the baby. At first, he would run to his safe place (our bed) when Burl would cry. Now when the baby cries, he runs to sit next to him to make sure he's alright. He's my brave little boy! Brave like the Cowardly Lion! The arrival and presence of Burl has helped Chester overcome some of his fears and feel less scared of his surroundings. Whenever we have visitors, Chester is no longer terrified, he doesn't hide as much and even lets other people pet him now.

We often find all three dogs curled up with or sitting next to the baby. All three dogs absolutely love him. And he loves them in return! How thankful I am that my home is so peaceful!

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