Knitting Like Crazy

Father's Day weekend was pretty hot. Up until then, I had been using waterproof polyester diaper covers. The hot weather combined with the lack of ventilation with the polyester covers caused Burl to have some urine burn on his poor little bottom.

Since then, I've been knitting him wool diaper covers. I LOVE THEM! I had to see it to believe it, but the wool diaper covers are wonderful. They wick the urine away from his skin, they don't leak or smell bad. He wore the first pair I knit for him for 5 days in a row. I use unbleached organic prefolds with organic hemp doublers held together with a snappy fastener and the wool shorties or longies over. I don't use any other pants over the shorties. They keep his cute bum cool, dry and comfortable.

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Natalie said...

Nice work! I don't know how to knit. Good job! I am glad they are working out!