I Love You, Whidbey Island

My sweet boy romped around all over your island bare foot today, and not one person hassled him.  You just let him be himself, thank you.  You make me want to move to your beautiful island.


Emily Heizer Photography said...

One of my brides grew up on Whidbey Island! I know exactly where you are! I was so fascinated by what she shared of her growing up years, it sounded so special and Huck Finney!

My bride: http://eheizerphotography.blogspot.com/search/label/Ryan%20and%20Julie

Emily Walker said...

Wow it looks beautiful.
Wonderful photos.
I love that your son was barefoot all day, my boys would be if they could too.

Brooke said...

that's awesome. I love freedoms like that. :)