A Little Art Tray

We don't do timeouts in our home. I can't quite explain why. But we do take breaks when things get out of hand. Usually Alex or I will sit with Burl and take some time to think, talk, cuddle, ponder and reconnect. Lately, my struggles with Burl (4 years old) have been more frequent. Whining, tantrums, meltdowns, you name it. I've had to get creative finding ways to bring him back to reality. In my attempts, I created this little space for him where he can go, with me if he wants, to (hopefully) collect his thoughts, meditate, take a break, and catch his breath.

He has never been too interested in art, so it's something I'm really trying to encourage. This little art tray has a few basic supplies he can use to just sit and create.

I found the little wood tray at the thrift store. I filled it with empty cans to hold colored pencils, crayons, scissors, watercolors and second hand paintbrushes. So far it's been working to help him collect himself when he starts to lose it. Hooray for Art!


Erin said...

Hello :)
It looks lovely! My daughter too loves having her own space with her own desk, chair and shelves of art supplies. oh and "the useful box" we call it, where I keep adding recyclable things from kitchen. :) Your recipes and photos look so delicious..

Paige said...

That is a fabulous idea. We do timeouts sometimes, but we also do "time-in" where they come and snuggle with me and we chat. It's a lot nicer, but isn't always as convenient for me. I'll definitely try this out, too! (and seriously, how awesome is that tray?!)