I Want Things

I try to not be materialistic, because I know when we leave this life, we can't take our belongings with us. But still, there are so many things I want.

Like a Swedish Mora Clock. I absolutely love furnishing my home with pieces that have particular meaning to our heritage. My husband's heritage is mostly Swedish. In fact our last name, so short and easy, simply means "Oak" in Swedish. A Mora Clock would be a wonderful addition and family heirloom. I've seen a couple on Craigslist, but have passed them up for one reason or another. I hope to add one to our home someday.

I'd also really like a nice digital camera. I love film photography, it's where my passion is. But I'm terrible at capturing my busy son in a decent film photo. He just moves too fast, and film and developing can get so expensive.

Burl and I also just saw this boat at the Marina. Some day, I think I most definitely must have this boat.

Oh, and I still really really want a spinning wheel.

What are some things you'd like to have? If you're anything like me, I'm sure there are many on your list.


natalie said...

i'd like a new gardening hat & lots & lots & lots of books. also, a boat would be nice, too. my husband & i made a "want list" yesterday for gifts & the such mine was embarrassingly long.


*sigh* Sea. :)

dorina said...

hello, lately i'd like a small tivoli audio ipal radio for the kitchen! there are probably several other "things" but that's what immediately pops into my head. in regard to cameras and photos . . your film pics are so beautiful. part of me misses the film, but it's true i wouldn't trade it with the ease of digital these days. but i do have to sigh . . i really don't think digital is as lovely as film .. it's just a little too . . harsh? i have an olympus 5050 and i've been happy with it . . but i admire your work with film . . maybe one day when i have more time i'll go work with it once again.