Autumn Color Week :: Orange

I love the color orange. Next to green, brown and white, I may say it's even a favorite color of mine. But I'm learning through photography that I like it much better as an accent color rather than the main even. Each time I look at a picture of our living room, which walls are a naturally orange toned knotted wood, it just feels like too much orange for my taste.

I've been thinking a lot about this lately as winter approaches. I'm anticipating the amount of time I'll be spending indoors with Burl and I'm really feeling like I need a brighter change in our home before the start of winter. There's been a lot of discussion between me and Alex as to whitewash over the wood walls or not. He thinks it'd be a shame to strip them of their natural color, and in some respects I do as well. But one has to feel comfortable in their own home, right? And a brighter, more neutral palate would make me feel so much more comfortable. Would it make Alex feel less comfortable though? I really don't think so. He's a stubborn one, that husband of mine, and has a hard time seeing my vision. But as hard as it is for him, he always, always admits to me when I'm right. And I think with this one I'm right.

Here are some examples of the look I'm after. Of course my home is much, much smaller, but you get the idea. Much better than all orange, don't you think?


rebecca said...

i always get excited when i see potential like this! painting the wood is a bit scary, but i think your examples prove that there will be lovely outcomes. get ready for a serious transformation!

Grey Cottage Studio said...

We have a room with an oak ceiling (looks like a floor) and I used to love it, but now, I think it's too heavy overhead. But my husband can't imagine painting it.

I get it.