Welcoming August

Despite the heat, I always enjoy August, because it means Autumn is just around the corner. This weekend was spent doing various activities to welcome in this beautiful month.

::The start of an easy and (hopefully!) quick new project for Fall. Details to be revealed in their entirety soon.

::Full-body dips in the Pacific Ocean.

::Enjoying the first of our tomato harvest.

::Visiting a knitting garage sale. So. Fun.

::Finding new ways to prepare our zucchini. This roasted zucchini soup was loosely based on the curried zucchini soup recipe found in the Cafe Beaujolais Cook Book. Love these books! The soup was good, but I'll be tweaking it some more.

Welcome August!

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Natalie said...

Thats great! I love zucchini. Have you made any zucchini bread? My mom shreds our zucchini, freezes it in 2 cup bagged increments and makes the yummiest bread all year long! I love it. I eat a whole loaf myself in like two days!!!:) I need to get going on some projects like you:)