Camping May 2009

My family and I spent this past weekend camping in the woods at Deception Pass. At the last minute, Alex had to stay home for a job that he needed to get done.

This camping trip was much different than last year's. Last summer when we were camping, Burl was just 6 months old or so, and spent the entire time nursing. This year was completely different. My sweet boy is a busy one and thoroughly enjoys exploring nature. And although there was more delicious campfire food than what we could all eat, I may have actually lost weight chasing him around. At home, I have walls, doors and fences to contain him. But being out in the wide open, Burl had no boundaries. It was a great weekend, but by no means was it relaxing.

Needless to say, I terribly missed Alex.


Anonymous said...

My very best memories are of camping trips with my family. Without a doubt.

Burl looks different each time you post. It is amazing how fast they grow and change. I am sorry your sweetie could not go with you. Maybe you guys can make a family trip this summer with the 3 of you.

Natalie said...

I bet he wore you out. You are great! We sure miss you! How are you? We need to chat soon! Burl is getting so big! Call when you can:)