First Day at the Animal Sanctuary

Today was Burl's first of many more to come days at the animal sanctuary. He really liked it! He was very happy the whole day, and very curious about all the new animals he met. What was most interesting was how curious all the animals were to meet him. Some of the shyest animals who usually don't walk up to me came right up to us to see Burl. They wanted to smell him and meet him. These are animals who have been abused by humans and have been made to be afraid of all humans. They are learning over time at the sanctuary that not all humans want to harm them. It's a tough thing for us to teach them, and for us earn their trust. It takes persistence, patience and a lot of gentleness. Maybe these animals could sense Burl's purity, that's why they weren't afraid of him. It was a very significant day.

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Natalie said...

How fun. Ella would love that. How old is he now??? 2 months? Wow, time flies. Did you cute your hair??? You are darling.